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You might have suspected this already but card´o`thek is not rocket science. It’s simply a set of cards which will serve you (quite well, if we may add) as a creative trigger. 
Just follow the instructions on every card and see how your own artistic language unfolds.

What do I need?

Good (or good-ish) intentions and any materials which you find stimulating or feel you might want to get creative with.
You guessed it - the possibilities are endless. 

Is it really like any other card game, though?

Not quite. And here’s why:
There are many uses one could give to a card´o`thek set of cards. It can be a group bonding activity. It can serve as a warm up before a creative session of any kind. It is a swell companion for those navigating the stress of putting together a portfolio for an art college application. And it can be a very personal and intimate experience, akin to a meditative trance through which one can embark on a grounding and self-exploratory journey. 

You’re not the yogi-type, but want to unwind at the end of a long and dreadful day? Perfect. These cards will go great with your after work drink (whichever). 

In other words: card´o`thek is a hybrid between a game, an art lesson, and a rather unorthodox therapy session.

But - I’m doing just fine! Do I really need this!?

You may not. But then again: if you’re here, you probably feel a creative itch of some sort.
Why not scratch it and see what happens?...

In fact, I do sometimes feel a bit cuckoo. Will this help?

It is not rare for creative and sensitive people to feel out of place. These cards won’t solve your problems, but they might give you tools to navigate them more efficiently. 

What do I do if I feel blocked, or don’t understand one of the creative exercises?

You can check out our IG-Page @card.o.thek, where you’ll find examples of other people’s works as well as other inspirations. You can also message us through the same platform - we’re always reachable and happy to chat with you!


I'm not the type to do this on my own. Can I play with others?

Most certainly. In fact, these cards are also meant to be shared and exchanged. 
Our stance might be a bit outdated (or defiant, that’s for you to decide), but we actually believe that activities which
a) are analogue and
b) involve getting creative in any way
are the most likely to create a long-term bond between people.

So, really, anyone can play?

That’s not quite what we meant. Frankly - would you share your grandma’s secret cookie recipe with just anyone out there? We didn’t think so. 

Everyone is creative in their core and can consequently profit and learn from a card´o`thek session. BUT keep in mind that some people have worked veeery hard (and often for a very long period of time) to suppress or even eradicate their creative urges.
Now, if you love a challenge: find these people. Play with them. And if you do, indeed, manage to nurse their creative senses back (or even just to tickle them a little bit) please - do tell! Write us. We’ll be happy to read (and potentially share) your story.

Is creativity ageless?

Absolutely! Creativity knows no boundaries and is not affected by the passing of time (although it will erode with age, if not nurtured).  

You can definitely play this with both your kid and your grandpa (with the pertinent assistance and supervision), and even with both of them simultaneously. That’ll probably be great fun. 

However: we do not recommend playing card´o`thek with homophobic, mysoginistic, racist, anti-semitic, or any other very square specimens in the like (of any age). Although it may be just exactly what they need, you might find yourself getting frustrated. 

20 cards only - will that do?

We think 20 creative exercises (which you can revisit indefinitely) is plenty to get you started.
BUT if you’re thirsty for more, you can follow us and keep track of all the new sets of cards we keep developing, subscribe to our newsletter for a new virtual card each month, or even contact us to create your own personalized set. 

Any card, in any order?

In whichever order you like. There are no rules. 
Our only suggestion is that you start your session with whichever card attracts you the most, and just take it from there.

I’m not on IG - How do I upload and exchange my artworks?

It makes sense that you’re the type of person who’d rather spend time in the analogue world. You’re in the right place for that! 
We’re not big fans of the on-line either, but it is a very accessible tool for the type of work we do. If you have other ideas though, please feel free to reach out to us and share them. 

As for your artworks: you can contact us through any of our available channels (phone, email, website chat...) and we’ll a) give you feedback on them, and b) upload them for you, so other people can see them too.  

I have other questions and/or suggestions

Get them off your chest. We’re here to learn from your experience and look forward to your ideas. 

You’ll always find us eager to chat with you via: / @card.o.thek



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